"Though both the song and video highlight the symptoms of injustice, the timing of both creative projects seems almost fortuitous. Zimmerman plans to keep doing the work that she can to shed light on the magnitude of suffering that is occurring internationally and provide a call to action in order to create a better world."

Senior helps establish volunteer music program in Marin City

"This was exactly the environment that senior Noa Zimmerman was trying to create—a positive space where kids could experiment with music freely..."

Singer/Songwriter Noa Zimmerman Call for Positive Change in New Music Video, "Rapture"

"[Rapture] speaks to the world as it is at this moment, with struggles against injustice, climate change, and greed more important than ever. It’s an earnest song that speaks to our doubts and worries, but encourages hope and persistence."

Noa Zimmerman makes headlines with ‘Night’s Gentle Crash’

"In addition to her instrumental ability, Zimmerman displays incredible songwriting talent. She saturates her songs with powerful imagery that provides a picture of what’s going on inside her mind..."

Folk-pop artist Noa Zimmerman releases new music video based around environmental protests at Cat Canyon

“'It’s kind of like walking a tightrope when you go into that situation because it’s not our community, it’s not our home,' Zimmerman said. 'So we have to be really respectful of the fact that we’re trying to elevate voices, we’re not trying to project our own.'”

Noa Zimmerman's 'Night's Gentle Crash,' an album of Bittersweet Love Songs

"Blessed with the poetic sensibilities of a Paul Simon or Joni Mitchell, Zimmerman fills her songs with vivid words and images that come in rushes of youthful angst and desire..."

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