Soundwaves: Marin City Youth Music Academy

Noa founded Soundwaves is program founded that provides free music lessons to underprivileged children in Marin City, California. In addition, we provide the students with instrument rentals, and scholarships for private lessons and music camps. The program meets every Saturday from 9am-1pm, and includes lessons in piano, guitar, drums, bass, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, and violin. The Soundwaves students are taught by high school musicians, who often form unique relationships with the students and become role models for them. Soundwaves is under the umbrella organization of the Center for Excellence, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing arts programs in Marin City. 

Mission Statement

Through innovative musical education we provide our students with a sense of identity, an understanding of the importance of commitment, and most importantly a community that challenges and supports them in their exploration of the art and performance of music. By exposing them to the limitless world of music, they will gain the self-confidence to pursue their passions with tenacity and purpose.

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